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Aladdin Gomovies,I will attempt to do this without too much bias from my 5-year-old self who fell in love with the 1992 Disney classic, “Aladdin.” I took my girls to see the live-action version today and it did not fail to deliver. Without any spoilers, here is what had me leaving the theater feeling like a kid with a dumb smile on my face. Jasmine was physically gorgeous and vocally spectacular. I did not know who Naomi Scott was going into this, but she certainly has my vote for future films. The way she belted “A Whole New World” and crushed her two new solos restored my faith in modern vocalization. She didn’t necessarily sound like every pop-star born out of whatever reality t.v contest happened to be poisoning the nation at the time.

Duration: 128 min


IMDb: 7.0